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Fear and prop, Brexit blood

Brexit blood on the hands of the Daily Express, et. al.? Continue reading

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The media is not responsible for the rise of Donald Trump

It’s not the media, it’s us. Continue reading

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The US Fed as political animal

On the eve of a rate hike, the US Federal Reserve continues to fool itself and much of the financial world plays along. Continue reading

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Someone’s a sore loser …

The Financial Post rails against OPEC in a solid display of hypocrisy. Continue reading

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PotD – Black Friday/Onward, bright future

I rushed to Asda at 5 am. There was such a queue, I fought my way through it like a trapped rat escaping from its cage. I was even bitting [sic] anyone that stood in front of me and urinated … Continue reading

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Russian oligarch mirror

It’s true—everything is rigged. Continue reading

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PoTD – Army of Island (True Colors edit)

Wait till Putin starts the “Move your business to Russia” campaign. More natural resources, better educated workforce, fewer regulations, lower taxes and they know how to treat green peace, strikers, and “Occupiers.” The USA has the most onerous corporate tax … Continue reading

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